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Fantasy Lifestyle Venue

Welcome to the world famous Fantasy Lifestyle Venue established in 2000 by Charles.

I created the ultimate venue for consenting adults to meet and play out all their sexual fantasies and fetishes in a very safe and clean enviroment.  Everyone is welcome so do not judge others, no one is perfect.  We offer a very cozy lounge area, dance floor, stage with stripper pole, pool table, juice bar, theme rooms, doctors office, dungeon, private rooms that lock, semi-private rooms, voyuer and orgy area.  Lockers are provided.  And we sell sexy lingerie.  However, we do not offer a couples-only area as we do not believe in separating people with a fence or wall like animals.  We are all adults so act accordingly.  This is an open lifestyle venue and the golden rule, "No Means No," is strictly enforced.  
Let it be noted: I do not provide the people (so do not ask how many people are here), I merely provide the venue for you to enjoy.  The key to a good night is come with an open mind and no expectations, be patient as vegas has a lot going on and people come and go all night (there is a bar next door).  We have no set arrival times (no RSVP's).  Vegas is not like where you came from, so do not expect it.  Remember these 3 words: pay, stay, play.  See you soon.  Charles


Fantasy Lifestyle Venue0 on Facebook This is a smoke-free club, no smoking allowed.
Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone
 whose appearance and mannerism is disorderly.
Note: We limit the quantity of single men in the venue.
You must be 18 years old or older to enter.
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